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Create yourself
own playmat

Take your card game experience to the next level with our custom mat. On our customized card game mat you can upload your own image or design and customize the mat with a picture of your favorite character, team or even your own design.

jen tři kroky
jen tři kroky

Just three easy steps


Choose your picture

Create a picture on the mat according to your own ideas. There are no limits to your possibilities.


Record and crop

Then just upload it to the order.
Crop the image to the desired dimensions of the playmat in our system.


Wait for delivery

Playmats with your own image we print by hand in the Czech Republic.
Average delivery time is 14 days.
You will be notified by email when the shipment has been sent.

Get inspired

Inspirace Playmat Andělé

Combine the Playmat with your pack

Do you like Angels, Demons, Sci-Fi, Art,.. or another theme of your TCG deck?
With your own mat, you can always have your favorite heroes in front of you while playing.

Inspirace Mousepad Modrá

It also works as a mousepad

Our mats are made of of the same material as the mouse or keyboard pad. It is not a problem to use them as a workspace in your desktop setup.

Inspirace Playmat Miniatury RPG

There are no limits to imagination

You can print your own mat for any game you like and use the playmat for example as a battlemap or for a better atmosphere of your RPG campaign.

What our customers say

recenze luboš
"I had my favorite motif printed and immediately made a playmat for my son with his favorite anti-hero. You should see how excited my son was 🙂
What I would have given to have such accessories for games when I was little...”
recenze kuba
“I matched the playmat with my squirrel pack and it's really coolヽ(⊙_⊙ )ノ
Oh, and the print quality is great.”
recenze boris
“I have my own style and I've never been able to choose a Playmat that fits me. And now I finally have something to take to the pub. That's why!"

Why we do it

We have been playing trading card games for most of our lives. For us, it is no longer just fun and a hobby, but also a lifestyle. And we each have a unique and distinctive style, and our own playmat gives us another opportunity to express ourselves outside and takes our game experience a little further.

That's why we offer you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and buy special mats for your favorite hobbies, so that you can also experience the feeling of showing someone something you've created yourself. Show others gaming mats that they won't see anywhere else, because you design them yourself and we make them for you.